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Arizona - Comparative Trends Analysis of Total Employment, 1969-2022

Introduction & Summary

Generate graphic analysis and summary reports of local area growth and change. Compare trends focusing on total employment. Employment numbers remain the most popular and frequently cited statistics used for tracking local area economic conditions and trends. The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) employment estimates reported measure the number of full- and part-time wage and salary employees, plus the number of proprietors of unincorporated businesses. People holding more than one job are counted in the employment estimates for each job they hold. This means BEA employment estimates represent a job count, not a people count. Also, BEA employment is by place-of-work, rather than by place-of-residence.


  1. Click to view one or more of the regional classifications listed below or from the "Region Selection Menu" to the right. You may need to scroll down to view the entire selection menu.
  2. Using the "Region Selection Menu" on the right, select two regions of interest with the first selection being the primary focus to be compared with the region designated as your second selection.

Additional Suggested Analysis

To compare and examine total employment across all 15 Arizona counties, enlist the interactive mapping and ranking features at your disposal by clicking on the map below.

Total Employment Growth by County

Average Annual Percent Change, 1970-2022

Total Employment Growth by County
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